5 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain at Home

Lower back pain is a painful condition that affects lower portion of your spine. It is a common disorder that involves backbone, nerves and the muscles of back. Almost everyone gets affected by this pain at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes you feel acute pain in lower portion of your back and its surrounding area when you lift heavy objects, sudden movement or after any unusual activity. Back pain generally occurs if your back muscle strained or if your ligament has got strained. The most affected age group of this painful condition is 30-60 years and they often get lower back muscle strain or ligament strain. If you are affected by this condition then you may find it difficult to do any work, you will miss your office work and if it is acute pain then you may not be able to walk or even sit down. It can give you many sleepless nights and many and painful days. It is one of the most common causes of job-related disabilities.

Lower back pain

Although lower back pain is not considered as life threatening but it can have a big impact on anyone’s lifestyle. It can affect your day-to-day life; can give you intense pain which could be very onerous if not treated effectively. It is not gender specific, men and women both get affected by this condition equally at some stage of their lives. Most back pain is acute and can last for a few days to few weeks depending on severity of the condition. It is very imperative to treat this condition because it is not only harming you physically but it affects you psychologically as well. Today we are going to talk about some of those ways that you can use to manage this condition at home:

Get Adequate Sleep:Get Adequate Sleep for pain relief

Adequate sleep is very necessary f or your body to manage any kind of pain. Any type of pain can cause insomnia and you will get many sleepless nights. Almost two-third of people suffers from some type of sleep disorder which increases back pain to severe. Therefore it is necessary to take adequate sleep which will be good for you and even it will help you in pain as well.

Regular Exercise:

Regular Exercise for pain reliefLack of physical activity may cause this pain as well. Therefore you should perform some exercise in order to strengthening your muscles that will support your back muscles and you will not be affected by back pain.


Ice-cubes : Ice-cubes for lower back pain

Ice cubes or cold therapy are one of the best option to overcome any kind of back pain because it helps in reducing inflammation which is a main culprit of any kind of pain. It helps your pain soothe in no time and reduces the redness of the skin as well.

Keep Moving:

It is one of the best ways to prevent back pain. Many of the people often keep sitting at the same place and that is why there spine constantly keep straining. Your spine wants activity to be healthy and if you do not keep active your spine then it may cause you problems.

Wear Low Heals:

wear low heel for lower back pain

You should wear low healed footwear because high heels may create a more unstable posture of your body and will put extra pressure on your spine and this could be the cause of lower back pain.

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