Back Pain and Most Common Reasons of It

Sometimes you may have felt mild or acute pain lower portion of your back for a short period of time or still feeling the pain for several months. This could be the symptom of lower back pain and lower back pain to be blamed for it. Lower back pain is a condition where lower portion of your back gets affected by mild or acute pain. Today almost every person across the world gets affected by this condition at least one in their lifetime. Lower back pain can be chronic and non-chronic depending on severity of your condition but generally lower back pain affects person only for several weeks and usually self-diagnosablelower back pain . Sometimes you suddenly suffer from an acute pain in lower portion of your back and reason of it you aren’t be able to do work, feeling difficulty while walking or even you aren’t be able to sit properly, the reason of all these difficulties is your back pain. Lower back pain is a condition where your back muscles, spinal cord, back bone gets affected by some kind of strain or your ligament gets strained. These are the two main reasons or cause of back pain. No one is safe from back pain and anyone can be affected by this pain but the majority age of this condition can be considered between the age of 30-60 years. This is the age group that is most affected by this pain. There are various symptoms of back pain such as weight loss, numbness around the anus, persistent back pain, leg numbness, increased to sensitivity to pain, tingling, muscle spasm, tenderness and many other symptoms that can stop your day-to-day life. Today we will talk about some of those reasons that are commonly involved in lower back pain. Some of them are preventable. Therefore those reasons are listed below:

Lifting Over weighted Object:

Lifting Over weighted ObjectIt is one of the most common cause of lower back pain. You may have picked up some heavy objects and that was the initial stage of you back pain. If you lift something unusual and over weighted objects then it puts immense pressure on your back muscles and bones and this could be the onset of lower back pain.


Stick to Chair: 

Sticking to chair is one of the most common reasons of lower back pain. It generally happens with those who are office going people. They generally have to sit at the same place for hours in order to do their work and this causes this problem.

Sprain and Strain:

Sprain and Strain for back painSprain and strain are two common reasons that triggers lower back pain. You might have fallen down or the back suddenly stretched or something else in these cases your back gets strained and sprained causing in lower back pain.


Use of High Healed footwear:

Use of High Healed footwear for back pain If you are moonstruck to fashion and used to wear high healed footwear then it is time for you to be aware. Wearing high healed footwear may put an extra pressure on your back and it may result in back pain.
Overstretching: It is also one of the major causes of lower back pain. It usually happens with those who perform exercises.

Now days, back pain is very common problems , but you can treat back pain by using simple natural remedies for back pain. Using natural remedies is simple , most effective and cheap method.

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